Jump In Apl.De.Ap. Jessica Sanchez

I am Filipina and proud of it. Apl.de.ap (Black Eyed Peas) and Jessica Sanchez (American Idol Season 11) collaborated in a very fun creative song, they are both Filipino and proud. The song is catchy. I would bet in a few weeks time this would be our party song 🙂 So come on Jump In!!!

Jump In

Jump In Music Video

Directed by Marc André Debruyne


Music (apl.de.ap and Marcus of Loudbox)

Lyrics (apl.de.ap, Jimmo Garcia, Donna Dimayuga)

Artist: ap.de.ap and Jessica Sanchez



***No infringement intended. Just wanna share the Filipino Pride.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. wow!! she’s wearing the kinda zara boots i wanted ever since!! she looks gorgeous! proud to be pinoy here! xx


    1. She looks fabulous! I love the boots too! Her sense of style is awesome 🙂


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